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Our services for Sponsors

The Cup of the best will have proportionally more success the higher its donations are. For this reason, donations are of great importance for this event. The association will deliver receipts in the name of the sponsor and will be made public whenever it can be done.

For non members:

For sponsors that give donations about 350,- € or more, they will be announced at the begging of our web page and will include a direct access to their own web page. This will be done, given that a website is available. For this we will count on the order of entry of donation vouchers. In the case that the home web page was full, the sponsors will be selected according to the amount donated. Members have priority to non members. Forms for sponsors can be found on our web page under the forms section.

For donations between 150,- € until 349,- € , the sponsors will obtain a publicity panel on our web page, in which we will present the project or in which will be publicizes a special web page for sponsors. In the case of the latter, the sponsor can also be mentioned again or may be given considerable advertising space to the main sponsors of the event. To the donators under 150,- € a text link will be published.

The sponsors that donate 350,- € or more, can be include in the publicity brochures of this event, provided the donation be given before 31.12.2011 since the order for the brochures will be done by then. This brochure will present our project and they will be given out in fairs and during public acts where our association is present.

During the next competition season we are planning on sending emails with the updated classifications. In these emails the sponsors can be emphasized again. These emails will not only be sent to members of the association but also be given to an email distributor that will send them to more than four thousand people interested in the Iberian horse.

Members from VFZPRE will get the listed Service for 50,- € less. ( Frontpage web and Flyer from 300,- € / Banner at web in the sponsoring sector for 100,- until 299,- € and normal text link for donations less than 100,- €





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